Well-known Japanese sites for Hiroko TANIYAMA fans

Hiroko TANIYAMA had been using internet for a long time. She is curios. So she has been using new items. Personal computer communication, internet, a lot of games, Kindle, and so on.

For Hiroko TANIYAMA fans, here are several well-known sites in Japanese internet.

Fan sites

Do you know “Hiroko Taniyama Database”?
It is the oldest fan site of TANIYAMA in Japan. Prof.HANADA manages it.

This site had begun in February 1992 at least. Prof.HANADA dosen’t remember well. Internet was unusual at the time in Japan. He was operating this fan site on a trial basis.

Now variety fan sites are. Search her song title, and you could get someone’s impressions or song’s information.

This blog (ToLi’s Kakurembo Strategy) is also fan site, maybe.

In Japan alternative fiction (fan fiction) is very prosperous. Some people have made Hiroko TANIYAMA’s fan fiction from 80s (might 70s maybe). I wrote fan fiction, too (I cannot draw comic). With any luck you could read fan fiction in internet (or in Comiket).

Official sites

In 1994 Hiroko TANIYAMA started her own site (sorry, I couldn’t be ascertained. Her computer essay is out of print). Its name is “Hiroko Taniyama Private Page”. She designed and coded on her own. Of course she was not web designer. So it is old style and not professional. Last update was October 2011.

Now Hiroko TANIYAMA official site is here. Her agency (YAMAHA Music Artist) has released. Its name is “Hiroko Taniyama Official Web Site”. You could examine her live information.


TANIYAMA loves Twitter. In December 2009 she started. Immediately a lot of fans also started Twitter. In fact I did, too. In her tweet, TANIYAMA often use emoticon.


TANIYAMA had her official blog. But she forgot her ID and password. Oh no! So she started second blog on Hatena Blog (It is famous blog service in Japan). You could read her relay novel.